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Naomi Assenheim

It was not surprising when Naomi learnt that both of her great grandparents were jewelers more than two generations ago. Inspired through the subconscious, Naomi has embarked on a personal and spiritual journey, exploring her relationship with the earth and the stone world, connecting the past to the present.

By the age of 18, Naomi had already traveled extensively in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, exploring concepts within traditions and culture. Having completed a degree in Native studies and Cultural Anthropology, Naomi focused much of her research on concepts of adornment and spirituality.  It was in the Canadian Arctic where she began training as a jewellery maker, using bone antler and soapstone.  From there she traveled south to Mexico where she apprenticed a silversmith in Chiapas. Naomi has now spent over five years dedicated to traveling and studying lapidary and metalsmithing techniques, with Native artists and at college based workshops. From this unique training, Naomi has successfully emerged and developed a unique style that is distinctively hers.

Handcrafted with rare precious and semi-precious gemstones, crystals and fossils, many would agree that Naomi’s creations are designed to speak to the heart, adorn the body and nourish the soul. Wearable and whimsical, each handmade creation symbolizes and honors the untouched, organic beauty within the natural materials she uses. Standing the test of time, no two pieces are alike. Each piece culminates the age -old tradition of hand-forging metal jewelry, with a modern touch, and a holistic appeal that radiates the wisdom of the gemstones and their natural healing abilities.

Naomi’s work can be found across Canada in distinctive art galleries and shows, and has been purchased by art collectors from around the world. Having won the best booth award highlighting her unique designs, craftsmanship and display three times in her young career, one would definitely agree that Naomi has found her true calling, uniquely bridging the gap between Spirituality, Geology, Fine Craft and Wearable art.

Naomi’s Studio is currently located at the Williams Mill Gallery and Visual Art Centre, where she carefully designs and handcrafts all her jewelry into stunning pieces of wearable art.

Contact Info:  (416) 908-6981 or   naomi@opalwingcreations.com.