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Index of Gems

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Agate is a form of Chaldedony, and is known for the stone of strength and courage.  It helps with grounding and accepting circumstances at hand. Agate is found in many varieties and all colors. It works with all chakras, depending on the color of the particular stone. Agate is a powerful healer, sometimes offering us hard lessons, often helping us to learn those truths we know, but deny.
Amethyst is a variety of quartz, and is a powerful blood cleanser and energizer. It helps the body to rejuvenate and cleanse within all levels of consciousness.  It is a powerful purifier and also heightens our spiritual awareness. Within this purification, amethyst helps us to balance our energies, freeing ourselves from daily burdens, that if not released can later toxify the body.
Considered by thousands to be the worlds oldest and rarest Gemstone, exclusively Canadian! Ammolite is derived from the Ammonite fossil. Ammonite fossils are reminents of life over 70 million years ago. This rare and beautiful substance is only found in the shales of the St. Mary River in Southern Alberta. Ammolite is universally revered as a sacred and medicinal stone. In Canada, the Blood tribe of the Albertan Plains call this stone “Iniskin” which means the “BuffaloStone”, bringing luck and abundance. Feng Shui masters believe that ammolite creates positive “chi” flow,  neutralizing negative energy, and working harmoniously with each Chakra.

ammonite fossil
These fossils offer us remnants of life over 70 millions years ago. Ammonites were seabed squid-like creatures that inhabited ancient seas throughout the earth. Energetically, ammonites offer protection and are believed to neutralize negative energy.  As its form replicates the unending cycles within the Universe, it reminds us that we too are part of this unending cycle, teaching us of the intricacies of our lives and all the connections that exist within our lives.
A bright blue copper carbonate, azurite primarily works with our nervous system, enhancing energy flow throughout. Azurite helps us to distinguish between truth and illusion, and initiates transformation, helping us to prepare and work with changes that come in our lives.  Azurite calms the body and allows it to flow into its next phase or journey. Azurite vibrates with the third eye chakra.
Known as the stone of purification and strength, bloodstone helps to ground and stand in one’s own true physical being..  The red spots throughout the stone have been written as representing Christ’s blood. For this reason, Bloodstone has been revered, spiritually and religiously throughout the world.
Strengthener of the root chakra, bloodstone helps with physical endurance as well as increasing overall vitality.
One of the most tranquil and calming stones, Chrysocolla, vibrates to the throat chakra, assisting its communication and meditation. This stone helps us accept change by offering ease within changing situations within our lives. Also known as the stone of inner strength, chrysocolla stabilizes and calms mind, body heart and soul. This stone also heals and stabilizes all chakras, creating a sense of balance and fullness.
A green variety of beryl, Emerald is one of the most anciently used stones on the planet dating back to 1300BC in ancient Egypt. In Ancient Greece, Emerald was associated with the Goddess Venus. Vibrating to the heart Chakra, this stone is the purest of the “Green” stones. Emerald assists us to act directly and clearly from our heart, allowing us to experience unconditional love and compassion, on the giving and receiving end. Emerald allows us to be true to ourselves and opens us to experience true connection and prosperity in the Universe.

fire agate
A brilliant unique form of Agate found in Mexico, fire agate offers us the gift of creativity.
Great for grounding, fire agate connects with the lower chakras, which then allows us to connect with our own vitality and personal power. A vivacious tonic for life, this stone connects us with the thrill for life and connecting to our life force, inner creativity and true potential.

Fluorite is a calcium fluoride that comes in a variety of colors. Fluorite is excellent for meditation as it prepares you by helping to calm desires, thoughts and chaos.  It Overall assists in the search for peace, helping to find balance and stability within chaos.  Depending on the color fluorite, can vibrate with the crown, third eye and the root chakra.
green chrysophrase
Green Chrysophrase is the most valued form of Chalcedony. Ranging from deep Greens to Browns, this is one of the most calming and cleansing stones one can be around.  Inducing pure tranquility, green chrysophrase assists in neurosis, and calms the mind.  Also helping in adaptation and change, chrysophrase will assist in smooth transitions and offer ease and comfort.   Vibrating to the heart Chakra, this stone encourages balance and love and is said to assist in the bringing together of soul mates.
imperial jasper
From the desert in Mexico, this rare and brilliant form of jasper is truly a nurturing stone. This stone helps to ground as well as exist in a state of joy.  Also known as the stone of sharing and caring, this subtle and gentle stone allows us to enjoy in the kindness of sharing and reciprocity. Imperial jasper offers us a gentle flow of movement that inspires us to keep things moving, also helping to release unwanted baggage. Imperial jasper can occur in practically any color, however it is know by the long circular and flowing formations within the stone.
Indian Paint Stone
This is a very sacred and spiritual stone that comes from Death Valley California. Indian paint stone has been known to offer clarity into the dream world, helping one to connect dreams with reality and how to interpret them into our everyday lives. Also known as a stone of vision, it can assist in sharpening ones senses and connecting with intuition that may assist in future decisions.

Commonly known as a good luck charm in China, Jade is cold to the touch, and extremely hard and heavy. Also known as the “dream stone” jade is believed to bring the realization of ones potential and one’s purpose in life. Jade was revered in the Mayan Culture as the “Sovereign of Harmony”, facilitating peace with the physical, emotional, and intellectual structures. Jade is most commonly green, found in dark and light shades, however some rare types are white and even purple in color. Jade also embodies remarkable strength, tougher than many types of steel, all can wear it, as it is less delicate and requires little to no maintenance.

Labradorite, the stone of destiny, is a type of feldspar first discovered on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. Said to be the stone of psychics and mystics, labradorite helps you find your true path and new ways to achieve your goals. This gemstone elicits creativity by inspiring you to come up with original ideas and solutions. Labradorite helps deepen meditation and assists in communication with higher self and spirit guides.  Labradorite benefits the nerves, liver, and vibrates to the crown chakra.
Larimar is the trade name for gem quality blue pectolite. This turquoise coloured stone only comes from the Dominican Republic.  Offering is a calm confident catalyst for positive change and awareness. Larimar also teaches us humility and kindness, without expectations. Vibrating to the throat chakra, Larimar also assits with communication and clearing conflict in our lives. 
Deriving from the copper mineral, Malachite is an excellent stone for balance and breaking  free from limitations. Primarily assisting in alleviating fear, guilt and self denial, Malachite offers courage and determination. Vibrating with the Heart chakra, vitalizes the body and reduces stress and tension.
ocean jasper
Known as the stone for patience, Ocean jasper helps us to be more patient with ourselves as well as the loved ones around us. This stone also teaches us of responsibility, offering us the wisdom that we are responsible for all our actions and words. As the circular formations of the stone instill “circulation” within us, keeping this stone near can help in releasing toxins, fluid and blood circulation.
Opal, a rare and precious gem, is a form of silicon dioxide. There are many variations of opal, such as boulder, matrix, black, crystal and fire opal.. More commonly known, the Fire opal is believed to embody magical qualities. Opal contains water, which gives it it’s delicate nature. Keep opals away from heated and dry areas. Opal encourages independence and freedom, known as a stone of expansion. Fire opal is believed to awaken psychic and mystical properties, vibrating with the third eye chakra.  Opal is also known to act as a great spiritual guide as it reveals the clarity of the earth. Opal is a soft yet powerful stone.

black opal
see Opals

blue opal
Opals in general are amazing energizers and stimulators… they assist in connecting with the Universe. Boulder Opals, specifically connect us to the stars, and intensify intuition. Opal also balances our mind and emotions, helping us to understand the differences in consciousness.
Ethiopian opal
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koroit opal
see opals
Mexican fire opal
This is an extremely energetic stone, awakening our inner fire, thus bringing out our personal power.  This opal also facilitates change and progress. Fire opal offers us the opportunity to release pain and deep feelings that exist inside of us, in order to cleanse, release and re-energize. Being around this stone can allow us to move ahead on our life path.
Peruvian opal
Peruvian Opal can be found in a variety of colors from Vibrant turquoises to pale pinks and even milky white. This stone activates the heart chakra and is also known to assist in centering and grounding. It can  also be used to ameliorate water retention and muscular swelling.  Furthermore this stone has been known to assist one in their spiritual journey  to protect and clear the path ahead. Opal generally is full of mystic and psychic qualities, helping us to connect with our spiritual path.
yowah opal
see opals
picasso jasper
Uniquely form Beaver County, Utah, Picasso Jasper is truly extraordinary. Picasso Jasper is known for its delicate and mysterious scenes and trees found within the Stone, it will often take you deep within the woods, or to an old tree on the edge of a field….
Revealing aspects of “the great mystery” this stone is a gateway to the unknown. Whatever that “unknown” may be in your life, this stone can help bring on insight and possibly solutions to what may be causing anxiety within this “not knowing”.
picture jasper
Known as  a stimulant for creative energy, Picture Jasper helps us to move forward with creative ideas and dreams. It also helps us to bring forth, that which we know but don’t put into action. 
This stone is also known as “the stone for universal awareness” as it forms to  make scenes of the earth, it to creates a brother and sisterhood  within all of earth’s inhabitants. Picture Jasper will also help ground oneself, especially if you are feeling uprooted and scattered.
This wonderful crystal brings forth emotional comfort and release of anger.
Known as the stone of the angelic realm, Ajoite in quartz offers us a soothing comfort of being looked after. Very rare, this crystal is mostly found in Messina South Africa.  Ajoite can also change negative energy into positive energy.
When feeling down, or unhappy, this is a wonderful stone to carry with you to feel better.
Some may react immediately to Ajoite with tears, or anger, but just allow whatever needs to flow, in order to receive the full benefits of this amazing crystal!

This Crystals healing energy is intensely magnified with the green “rutile” crystals that have grown within the quartz.  It assists with clearing, problem solving, as well as connects us with the divine, offering clarity as to reasons we meet who we do and go where we go. It stimulates awareness of these connections that exist within our paths, and we then become more sure of ourselves and our place on the earth. This is also a very grounding stone.
This mineral is an excellent shield and preventative for negative energy.  A very balancing stone, Rainbow pyrite, helps us to connect from Root to Crown, clearing and nourishing all in its path. It symbolizes warmth, love and friendship and helps us to recall positive memories that put a smile on our faces. This mineral also assists us in gaining a positive outside perspective of ourselves.
Sonoran Sunset
A very New stone, coming from Sonora Mexico, this stone is a unique mixture of Chrysocolla and Cuprite. Chrysocolla a stone that offers us serenity, tranquility, peace, patience, tolerance and acceptance, is also a teacher of unconditional love. Cuprite offers a gateway to the feminine and assisting in understanding women and all relationships, including mother/daughter/sister etc.. This stone is also used to the release of major traumas and fears.
Coming for the depths of caves in Uruguay, these stones grow in a great variety of minerals, some being Amethyst based and some Jasper based, both having many insights. One commonly known benefit, is the teaching of meditation and “going within” oneself for inner happiness, health and peace.  These stones reveal all the layers and phases of their growth thus allowing us to see and accept the complexities and different moments that we experience within out own lives.
Known as the stone of personal power and leadership, sunstone allows us to connect with feelings of confidence and clarity, allowing us to carry forth projects, plans and dreams without hesitation and feelings of unworthiness. If you are a born leader, this stone will help you to move forward, if you carry fear, then this stone will help break down those fears and hesitations that keep you from moving forward with strength and confidence. Sunstone connects us to “Solar” power, which is Yin energy (male energy), it carries a strong ray of determination, strength, mental clarity and warmth.  Sunstone also teaches us of responsibility, within ourselves and on the planet as a whole.

Tiffany Stone
Tiffany stone, is indeed a form of purple opal!! Heaven I tell you!!! Tiffany stone is a mixture of fossilized volcanic ashes and debris, silica, beryllium and Fluorine!!! It has beautiful Purple and even burgandy red hues..Vibrating to the third eye and crown chakra, Tiffany stone helps us to restore lost connections, connect to our divine energy and assists us in transition. Known as a stone for psychic awareness this stone will help connect you on a slow and balanced level. Enjoy!!!
see descriptions below for blue, green, pink and watermelon tourmaline.
Tourmaline purifies, cleanses and balances the
Chakras. Blue Tourmaline vibrates to the throat and the third eye chakra, also assisting in psychic awareness and stimulating feelings of freedom and clarity of self -expression. This stone also has traditionally been used as a diagnostic tool for illness and imbalance, helping to raise awareness of where the issues arise.
Opening up the heart chakra, green tourmaline offers us the teachings of compassion and love. It also helps us to release ourselves from expectations and allow us to be who we are meant to be,  as well as accept and love ourselves. Balancing us emotionally as well, Green Tourmaline helps us to detach ourselves from those situations in which we judge and expect things that are hurtful. All in all, this stone is great for growth and self acceptance.
Known as an aphrodisiac, this stone stimulates love and attraction in a physical and spiritual way. Teaching one the importance and safety of love,  It inspires trust in oneself and helps us to recognize the importance of loving and caring for ourselves. Cleansing and clearing the heart chakra, Pink Tourmaline helps us to prepare for love, and embrace it in all its forms.
This wonderful crystal is a “super activator” of the Heart Chakra, fostering love tenderness and friendship.  It encourages us to look past  the seriousness of an experience and to recognize both the benefit and possible humor in it.This stone instills patience and teaches diplomacy while helping to alleviate fear and depression.  It also helps us to clear unwanted emotions, in order to face situations clearly, with inner strength. This crystal promotes inner security and helps us to release emotional burdens. Watermelon Tourmaline helps us to find the joy in life.

Universally known as the stone of protection Turquoise has been used since the beginning of time. Vibrating with the throat chakra, turquoise assists in communication and confidence. As a Talisman for protection, Turquoise wards off the “evil eye” Ill thought, jealously and negativity. Turquoise also strengthens our awareness and interconnections with the earth and its beings, teaching both honor and respect.
The Stone of Encouragement, Variscite offers us an abundance of hope and courage. Known to assist in transition from deep despair into a position of hope and trust in the Universe, Variscite calms the nerves and allows us to let peace into our hearts. This stone is incredible for the nervous system and brings us into a space enjoying unconditional love.
Wavellite is a wonderful stone to assist with decision
making, and to manage difficult situations with a clear mind.  Working symbiotically with the new moon, Wavellite helps us to connect with our intuition as well as activate our inner knowledge. This stone also facilitates the flow of energy from the ethereal and physical body, increasing stability with respect to health and health maintenance within the physical body. All in all, Wavellite increases and triggers a gentle “flow” within our body on a physical and energetic level serving our highest good.