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My philosophy is simple, yet profound: To honor all connections, with awareness, empowerment, love, joy and beauty.

Honoring all connections is to embrace all that we are, with all our relations. Whether they be stones and crystals, people, animals, plants, the earth, creation.  There are so many wonderful ways in which we can enjoy these connections.  What I offer you is a connection through meaningful adornment. Each piece carries it’s own story and spirit, meant to inspire, guide, heal, uplift, or to just make you feel like the beautiful being that you are….

Adornment, made by hand, with love, care, precision, awareness and intention, is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. From the Mayans to the deserts of the Middle East to modern day western society, adornment has been and still is used to symbolize personal, cultural, spiritual and social identity.  We have the right to empower ourselves by allowing ourselves to embrace our own identity: one that represents who we are entirely, without selling ourselves short. It is important to remind ourselves that we have a choice in this commercial world to create meaning in our everyday lives, in our own way, by our own definitions.

The connections that you make with my jewellery pieces may be simple: you may love the colors, forms or texture, or it may be profound: like connecting to a dream you once had, or they may be crafted with a stone or crystal that speaks to you. Whatever the connection may be, just listen to your heart.

Opal Wing Creations offers you the opportunity to adorn yourself in a personally meaningful way. To wear a piece of jewellery that is truly one of a kind, allows you to connect to that aspect of yourself.  Made from natural stones, gems and crystals my pieces allow you to connect to the natural world in your day-to-day life.