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“There are no words for this necklace!! The opal is stunning, the light plays so finely in it, encouraging you to look deeper into it. You relax into the branches that so delicately hold the opal! It is very calming and really makes me feel relaxed with it's vibrant, shimmering but ...GENTLE... blue light. Everyone should have a piece by this artist! incredible!”
Ashley Ruiz,  Washington State, USA

“If I had just one word to choose to describe your work, it would be breathtaking.I've wanted a black opal for a very long time.  Over the years I saw a few pieces that were pretty, but there was no soul to them. I am immensely pleased with the pieces- they are true treasures!  I looked long and hard at lots of jewelry before I focused on your work.  What I learned over the course of my search was that anybody can put a beautiful stone in a bezel, but it takes someone with much greater skill and talent to take the time to really see what the stone needs in order for it's truth to remain intact. Thank you for sharing your work with me.”
Lori Moum, North Carolina, USA

“Your pieces are ALIVE! I have to give thanks to the amazing beauty who created them - such stunning art, which sparkles with love and mystical secrets that I feel so honored to hear.  Thank you so much, Naomi, for your generosity and for bringing such exquisite beauty and love into the world!!!   The first piece I opened was Enchanted Night, which was even more beautiful in person!!!  In fact, everything was!!! But this pendant just radiated love and made me feel instantly happy!  And the opal in it is so fantastically serene!  Holding it in my hand, I knew it had found its home!”
Rita Chin, Massachusetts, USA

“Naomi was a lovely person to deal with and always strived to offer the best service that she could. Naomi's work is beautiful and I would note that the images used on Etsy are a very true reflection of the quality item you will receive if you invest in one of her pieces of work; Truly artwork to be worn and full of character. A very happy customer from England.”
Tom Cheek, UK

"I so love the energy, care, and spirit that goes into your work."

Lynn Feasey, Owner of Trees Gallery, Nova Scotia 

“I wear my piece with love and pride ALL the time. I seriously get compliments every where I go!!”    
Kim McCarthy, Brampton ON

“Thank you so much for the beautiful ring you have created for us. I'm absolutely in love with it.”
  Keesha Ruyter, Haliburton ON

“We wanted to thank you for Jean’s lovely opal ring. We are very pleased by the design and workmanship you put into it. Jean loves the ring. She thinks it is exquisite. We think you are very talented and unique and it was a great pleasure to meet you.”
Jean and Allen, Aurora, ON

“Chris absolutely LOVED his stone.  Right away.  I've never seen him so receptive.  When he took it out of the box, he had tingles down his hand.”
Jane Garrett, Fonthill, ON

“I got the ring in the mail today...it's absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for helping me put this gift together”
Simon Walters, Newcastle, Australia

“You are such a talented lady.  I wore the jewellery to work yesterday and had numerous compliments. Thanks for all the trouble you went to so that I could be the recipient of such wonderful pieces.”
Colleen, Winnipeg, Manitoba